What is Ouaisne? Funny you should ask. First of all to confuse you some more it is pronounced "WayNay". It is a bay in Jersey, Channel Islands to the east of St Brelades bay. The two bays are joined at low tide. I chose this as my domain name as no one else had it, not many know how to pronounce it and I used to go into the Old Smugglers Inn there when I lived in Jersey many moons ago.

On the left are links to my other pages - the most popular is the Mondeo Hints & Tips which has an amazing number of hits mainly down to Google and the ST Owners Club members. Well you can see that I muck about with web pages. I have had computers at home since 1983 and this has evolved over the years and led to this web site. I have gradually taught myself (and forgotten again) how to code web pages and have also managed to bring a few things 'in house' like the Photo Albums and even the web counters. Don't know what is next but I will spot something on a web page and think that is a good idea!

Spent a life sentence with NatWest Bank, took voluntary redundancy, then spent 7½ years repairing car bumpers, dashboards, seats and alloy wheels etc. had a break for over a year to do a bit of gardening & decorating and then I joined TPS Estates (Management) Ltd as Financial Controller. So I was back pencil pushing with about 150 bank accounts to look after. I now work in a pleasant office built in my boss's garden in the country and often see deer wandering in the garden.